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About Chaverim of NEPA

It was 12:30 in the morning. A young family was driving on an empty highway in Northeastern Pennsylvania when their tires blew. They were stranded, their entire family—both parents and five kids—shivering in the winter cold. They tried AAA. They tried all the numbers they knew. No one was available. 


So they called Chaverim of NEPA. 


They were an hour away from us, but within the hour, we were on scene and providing transportation to where they needed to go and arranging a tow truck to deliver their car. 


The same thing happened when a child got locked in the bathroom. She tried to open the door, but she couldn’t find a way through. 


She called Chaverim, and we were there in 3 minutes and had the child out just a minute later.  


This is Chaverim. We’re there when your child needs help, when your car breaks down, when your power goes out. We’re there when your basement floods or your heating breaks. 


We’re Chaverim. We’re here to help. 


Who Is Chaverim?

In 2019, a local community member recognized the need for an established and cohesive entity devoted to helping people and their communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Back then, it was little more than a vision: to be there when people needed help. 


Today, Chaverim has over 26 volunteers—hard-working individuals with families and professional careers, giving their time and assistance to those in need. Each volunteer is meticulously trained to handle all kinds of situations and equipped with professional-grade equipment and tools to help you when you need them. 

Where We Operate

With the help of dedicated volunteers, we now cater to the Kingston, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Chapman Lake, Poconos Jewish Communities, and are continuing to expand to other parts of Northeastern Pennsylvania. 


How Can You Be Part of Chaverim?

Chaverim is a non-profit organization and relies solely on donations to keep our operations running. If you’d like to be part of our mission, please consider donating so we can continue doing what we do. 


There may also be opportunities to volunteer with us. If you’re interested, please email us for more info.  

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